Annex Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is one of the fastest growing private limited company that engages in custom distillation and purification of various pharmceuatical and chemical solvents. The company's vision is to benefit and grow by helping organizations recycle & re-use solvents in the most economically viable & eco-friendly manner. Read More...
Our solvent recovery systems are designed to help you recover the maximum from your manufacturing process with minimum wastage. We take care of all aspects of product pickup, distillation and purification and final delivery of your products. We provide the following options:
  • Waste Analysis and proposing Solvent Recovery solutions
  • Conducting Return on investment (ROI) assessments
  • Executing Solvent Recovery work
  • Selling of our enlisted products
  • Buying of chemical waste (which you wish to dispose)
If you are a pharmaceutical or another chemical process industry, chances are your manufacturing method requires solvents. No matter how diligently you work to reduce solvent use to the absolute minimum, you simply cant eliminate all the chemical byproducts of manufacturing.

Whether youre incinerating waste on site or contracting a waste removal company to handle the details environmentally compliant, solvent waste disposal is a major expenditure.

This is where we come in the picture. Whether your waste substance contains just one volatile solvent or is a mixture of compounds, Annex can enable solvent recovery by applying cutting edge technology. Our Solvent Recovery systems employ modern distillation technology to separate and recover valuable chemical products from waste mixtures. Using our systems we can recover and reuse solvents from a wide range of processes even from complex mixtures with high variability from batch to batch.
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